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Natural treatments for chronic headaches and migraines 

Headaches can be caused by sinusitis, hypertension, constipation, overworking, mental stress, indigestion, acidity, colon and liver toxicity and even poor sleep.  Headaches are a common Vata disorder, and Vata based headaches are characterized by extreme pain, anxiety, depression, constipation and dry skin.  Pitta type headache symptoms usually include a burning sensation, red face and red eyes, sensitivity to light, anger, irritability and even nose bleeds.  Kapha type headaches are dull with feelings of heaviness and tiredness often with nausea, phlegm and even excess salivation. According, to Ayurveda each of these types of headaches are treated differently based on the dosha (body-type) imbalance.

The protocol

Consequently, a cure cannot simply address the pain.  My initial treatment is meant to provide pain relief while the actual cause is being identified and addressed.  Causes can be related to toxic accumulation (Kapha imbalance), excess heat and inflammation (Pitta imbalance) or an aggravated nervous system (Vata imbalance).  Thus, colon detoxificationliver and blood detoxification are often necessary to reduce congestion and inflammation quickly.

A complete treatment needs to include lifestyle and dietary changes based on the dosha imbalance.  Generally speaking, it is advised to avoid fried food, frozen or cold food, meat, spicy or dry food, black tea, coffee, and food that cannot be easily digested.  Ayurveda also recommends against taking sour or acidic foods and minimize the consumption of pickled food, alcohol and chocolate.

Ayurveda also addresses this condition with one of its ancient remedies for migraine headaches called, "cold to the head, heat to the feet."  Additional treatments can be provided such as herbal oils or ginger paste poultice applied to the forehead supported by herbal teas with antispasmodic and analgesic herbs.   Headaches are often related to hypertension and the corresponding increased pressure in the head. Therefore, many of the treatments for hypertension are also helpful.

Therapy requires one private consultations (in Ojai, CA or by Zoom) plus herbal products.

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